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To Mum, With Love

As we spend time at home, families are finding the time to slow down and reconnect. Georgie Abay, founder of The Grace Tales, took time out in-between juggling her work and home life to write a letter to her two daughters, to share her experiences and how proud she is of each of them.

Over time, we’ve begun to favour social media and emails instead of the traditional letter. While we’re taking the time to reflect, perhaps now is the perfect time to write letters to your children and embrace the semi-lost art. Share with them your hopes and dreams for them, what you love most about them and any life lessons that you deem important. If your children are old enough, surprise them with the letter now, bringing some motherly comfort into this semi chaotic world. If they’re too young to appreciate it just yet, keep it aside and gift it to them on a special occasion.

While writing letters to her children, Georgie picked her favourite Pandora pieces from our latest release to wear during a photoshoot at home with her daughters. Each of the pieces from this collection symbolise the unbreakable bond between mother and child and a connection that will last beyond a lifetime.

It's the thought that counts

Letters don't have to just be from mother to child. This Mother's Day, thank your mum for always being there, even if you're apart, with a heartfelt letter. Tell your mum how much she means to you and share special memories that you'd experienced together.

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