Jewellery inspired by the Harry Potter series

Discover magical icons

Follow in the footsteps of The Boy Who Lived with these iconic charms inspired by our hero.

The chosen one

Including the three magical objects one needs to become the Master of Death, the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Charm is the ultimate symbol of Harry Potter's unwavering character. Feel the power of magic with this hand-finished dangle charm.

Magical icons

While at Hogwarts, Harry enjoyed great support from his friends and magical icons, helping him reach his full potential. From the loyal Hedwig to his trusty Nimbus 2000 broom, this button charm includes the icons synonymous with The Boy Who Lived.

The spirit of Harry Potter

Representing friendship, courage and loyalty, the triple dangle charm represents the defining traits that made Harry Potter who he is. Featuring his signature round glasses, Quidditch broomstick and lightning bolt scar in three metal finishes, the charm captures the adventurous spirit of Harry Potter.