This season introduces an exciting and golden new range of jewellery: PANDORA Shine in 18k gold-plated sterling silver. Talking to PANDORA’s Creative Director duo, we take a closer look at some of their stunning creations, inspired by nature, designed to make you shine.


Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, VP Creative Directors, are the two Italians who have been heading the PANDORA Product Design team since 2016. Drawing inspiration from the nature of PANDORA as well as the multifaceted nature of women, their debut collection this spring is a masterful mix of key elements of our brand history and innovative new design details – exquisite stone cuts, glass techniques and textures – that speak to the women of today.

“We are working to really understand our consumers and design jewellery that connects with them in a long-term way. PANDORA is very specific and loved, so we want to curate the brand DNA through our contemporary way of seeing designs; iconising classic pieces and creating new icons.”


One of their goals was to evolve the PANDORA jewellery universe with a golden new metal, creating a trinity of metallic hues along with sterling silver and PANDORA Rose. PANDORA Shine, crafted from 18k gold-plated sterling silver, certainly kicks off the season in style. Finely crafted honeybees, honeycomb shapes and sun motifs of the Bee Mine and Rays of Sunshine jewellery series denote the personal power of women. Each piece will inspire you to shine with your authenticity and add a personal touch to your outfits.

“Gold has been loved throughout history, and it is timeless. It’s seen as regal and luxurious. Historically, gold was associated with the sun and the masculine aspect while silver was associated with the moon and the feminine aspect. Women will always want to express these contrasts.”


The quality is high, the design details are glorious, and the jewellery is expertly crafted, as always. Francesco and Filippo have also introduced some exquisite innovations into the mix. Rays of Sunshine jewellery is inspired by the positive energy and warm light of the sun, which gold has symbolised for centuries. The raised enamel solar motif and golden enamel hues are oh-so radiant, creating a smooth surface that glows like sunshine.


Bee Mine jewellery is inspired by gold’s rich, glossy honey colour, the powerful and playful honeybee, and the geometric shapes of honeycomb. An ancient symbol of love, female power and believing that anything is possible, the bee is the perfect metaphor for the modern woman. The bee also has strong ties to the sun, light and warmth while the honeycomb symbolises life’s sweetness. Hand-painted black enamel and clear stones create the go-faster stripes.


Now there are even more ways to be creative with how you express yourself. The radiant lustre and colour of PANDORA Shine beautifully complements the blush hues of PANDORA Rose and sparkling sterling silver. Style together for a luxurious look.

Gold is a statement colour this season, whether it’s with skinny jeans or a chunky knit, or dressed to impress.

“We like big contrasts, like when a woman’s look is all minimalistic or maximised. Or thin and strong lines together. Combining things helps you to go so much deeper into your personality. If you have blue jeans and a T-shirt on, you can be super-strong, super-feminine or super-sexy if you wear jewellery in a different way. Jewellery has historically had this kind of effect.”

Shine bright this season in the golden hues of PANDORA Shine.