Sterling silver
  • 590713
    Pandora Moments Bangle Sterling silver
    Pandora Moments Bangle Gold
    Pandora Moments Bangle Two-tone
    Pandora Moments Bangle
  • 599409C01
  • 599338C00
    Pandora Moments Multi Snake Chain Bracelet Sterling silver
    Pandora Moments Multi Snake Chain Bracelet Rose gold plated
  • 599375C01
    Sparkling Slider Tennis Bracelet Sterling silver
    Sparkling Slider Tennis Bracelet Rose gold plated
  • 599377C02
    Available in 2 colours
  • 599377C01
    Available in 2 colours
  • 599217C02
    Sparkling Pavé Bars Bracelet Sterling silver
    Sparkling Pavé Bars Bracelet Rose gold plated
    Available in 2 colours
  • 599217C01
    Available in 2 colours
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