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  • RAU0702
    Pandora Rose Daisy Charm Set
    A$207.00 A$165.60
  • 788772C01
    Openwork Pink Daisy Flower Charm
    A$69.00 A$55.20
  • 788099CZ
    Pink Peach Blossom Flower Clip
    A$69.00 A$55.20
  • 788482C01
    Sweet Kangaroo Charm
    A$69.00 A$55.20
  • 788771C01
    Pink Daisy Flower Dangle Charm
    A$79.00 A$63.20
  • 788775C01
    Pink Daisy Flower Charm Pandora Rose
    Blue Daisy Flower Charm Silver
    Pink Daisy Flower Charm
    A$79.00 A$63.20
  • 787970EN160
    Pandora Reflexions Pink Ladybird Clip Charm
    A$69.00 A$55.20
  • 787851NPM
    Pink Sparkle Flower Charm
    A$129.00 A$103.20
  • 788055ENMX
    Blue Hot Air Balloon Travel Charm
    A$79.00 A$63.20
  • 787061EN160
    Out of stock
    Cute Bunny Charm
    A$69.00 A$55.20
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