Rose gold plated
  • 789421C00
    Available in 3 colours
  • 789420C00
    Available in 3 colours
  • 788771C01
    Purple Daisy Dangle Charm Sterling silver
    Pink Daisy Flower Dangle Charm Rose gold plated
  • 787200C00
    Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm Sterling silver
    Spiritual Dream Catcher Charm Rose gold plated
  • 781811
    Filigree & Beaded Heart Charm Sterling silver
    Filigree & Beaded Heart Charm Rose gold plated
  • 789547C00
    Available in 3 colours
  • 787655
    Love You Heart Padlock Charm Sterling silver
    Love You Heart Padlock Charm Rose gold plated
  • 789552C01
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