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Pandora Passions
Purely Pandora
  • 799119C00
    Pandora 2020 Limited Edition Stars Charm
  • RAU0560
    Serene Dreams Charm Pack
    A$167.00 A$133.60
  • 797200
    Pandora Rose Spiritual Dream Catcher Charm Pandora Rose
    Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm Silver
    Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm
    A$69.00 A$55.20
  • RAU0705
    Poodle Pal Charm Set
    A$127.00 A$101.60
  • RAU0793
    Symbols of Love Charm Set
    A$157.00 A$125.60
  • 798413C00
    Angel of Love Charm
    A$39.00 A$31.20
  • 797672
    Regal Openwork Heart Charm
    A$35.00 A$28.00
  • 799069C00
    Fluffy Llama Charm
    A$39.00 A$31.20
  • 791706
    Kitty-Cat Charm
    A$39.00 A$31.20
  • 791910
    Kangaroo Mum and Baby Charm
    A$39.00 A$31.20
  • 798869C00
    Openwork Paw Print Charm
    A$29.00 A$23.20
  • 791872
    Openwork Infinity Charm Pandora Rose
    Openwork Infinity Charm Silver
    Openwork Infinity Charm
    A$35.00 A$28.00
  • 791707
    Out of stock
    Devoted Dog Charm
    A$39.00 A$31.20
  • 791902
    Lucky Elephant Charm
    A$39.00 A$31.20
  • RAU0794
    Out of stock
    Inner Magic Charm Set
    A$127.00 A$101.60
  • 790930
    Regal Crown Charm
    A$39.00 A$31.20
  • 797516
    Beaded Open Heart Charm Pandora Rose
    Beaded Open Heart Charm Silver
    Beaded Open Heart Charm
    A$35.00 A$28.00
  • 798069
    Elephant Dangle Charm
    A$49.00 A$39.20
  • 791752
    Polished Feathered Clip
    A$39.00 A$31.20
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