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An exploration of love

The year that changed love

In the lead up to Valentine's Day, we embarked on a journey to understand how 2020 impacted relationships. We surveyed a group of people from 11 countries to see if 2020 and its many challenges changed how we talk, care and connect with our loved ones.

Despite its challenging moments, 2020 appears to have had a positive impact on relationships and human connection around the world, with shared values and little acts of love becoming more important than ever before.


of people believe that relationships are more important since the pandemic

feel inspired to make more of an effort with the important people in their lives


remember special occasions to show their loved ones that they care

agree relationships now are more focused on shared values than in previous years


Interestingly, despite the often-perceived differences between the generations there are clear similarities between Gen Z’ers, Millennials and Baby Boomers when it comes to their value priorities, with family and equality topping the list for all.

Vita Clausen, Global PR & Influencer Director at Pandora, explains: “We can see that 2020 has clearly had an impact on our relationships, and the way we appreciate love, with small interactions and little acts of love more important than ever... So, we believe that Valentine’s Day will become even more special this year. As part of our mission to empower people to voice the things they love and express who they are, we encourage everyone to share their stories of love and what little acts of love means to them, this Valentine’s Day.”