Your guide to birthstone-inspired jewellery

Birthstones are a celebration of who we are. Whether your traditional birthstone colour is tranquil aquamarine or vibrant green, wearing jewellery inspired by your birthstone is a way of connecting with yourself and affirming what matters to you.

And it’s not just the perfect treat for yourself – birthstone-inspired jewellery also makes a personal gift for loved ones. Read our guide to learn about each traditional birthstone and the Pandora jewellery styles inspired by them.

Most popular birthstone-coloured jewellery

What are birthstones?

A birthstone is a stone or gem representing the month you were born. Every month of the year has its own stone, each with a unique colour, history, and meaning. Each stone is believed to bring a different form of good luck and positive power to those who wear it.  

At Pandora, we’ve created an array of modern jewellery designs inspired by the traditional birthstones, using man-made crystals and other lab-created stones to capture the same rainbow of colours and their symbolic meanings. These stones look almost exactly like their natural counterparts, but offer a more affordable, sustainable alternative.

What's my birthstone colour?

Discovering your birthstone colour (or a loved one’s) is easy. Just find your birth month below to read more on the colour of your month and the meaning behind it.  

Once you’ve found your colour, explore our birthstone-inspired jewellery, whether it’s fiery red or vibrant green. Want a matching jewellery look? Our birthstone-coloured jewellery sets might be just what you’re looking for.