Silver Bracelet with silver and rose-gold plated charms
Pandora Club Charm 2023

Reveal your inner potential

You're one of a kind

The 10th in our series, the Pandora Club Charm 2023 features a two-tone seashell that’s topped with a radiant lab-created diamond and opens to reveal a luminous treated freshwater cultured pearl. Wear it as an everyday reminder of your unique beauty – inside and out.

Wear it with

Mix and match your Pandora Club Charm with these essential pieces

Here's to 10 years of Pandora Club

Each year, we dedicate a limited edition charm to our Pandora Club members. Each charm holds an inspirational message to carry throughout the year. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Pandora Club, we’ve created a two-tone seashell that opens to reveal a treated freshwater cultured pearl, symbolising that every experience shapes who you are. Don’t miss your chance to own a precious piece of Pandora history.

At Pandora, we're not afraid of commitment

We’re committed to using only recycled silver and gold in our products by 2025. Silver and gold may be precious to us, but our planet is the most precious of all.

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