How to Stack Rings

Whether you’re into simple styles or statement pieces, let your personality shine by mixing your favourite rings in new ways. Learn how to create different combinations with our useful guide featuring a range of styles and finishes.

Style tips for stacking rings

Wondering how to wear stacked rings? Discover our three simple style tips to find out more.

Choose focus fingers

A great tip for styling stackable rings is to choose focus fingers. Instead of accessorising every finger, style only a few with stacking rings and leave the rest bare. This will help create a chic, balanced effect.

Accessorise with colourful stacking rings

If you want to channel a bold look, choose stacking rings in contrasting colours and designs for maximum impact. For example, you could pair a blue wishbone ring alongside a rose-gold ring.

Women wearing necklace with pendant and rings

Create a wedding ring stack

Want to know how to stack wedding and engagement rings? A popular method is to style your finger with your engagement ring first, followed by your wedding ring. You can choose to wear them alone or team them with other stacking rings you already own. It all comes down to what suits your style. If you want to mark a special occasion, fall in love with our promise rings.

Many people also wonder how to keep stacked rings from spinning. If you have one particular ring that seems to spin every time you wear it, simply stack a larger ring on top to stop it from doing this.

Our favourites

Say it with sparkle

When it comes to choosing the right combination of rings, go for pieces that express your individuality. Get creative and team sparkling styles together for a look that’s as bold as you are. Make your middle finger the centre of attention by playfully mixing a sterling silver crown style, simple band ring and wishbone tiara ring together.

It’s not just about how you style your rings along your fingers, but how they look across them too. Imagine your fingers in a triangle formation — go for heavier pieces on the bottom and add lighter pieces as you go up, though keep the focus on your middle finger.

For a unified look, place another sterling silver ring on your index finger. Then, raise your ring game by adding an element of contrast with a ring in a different metal blend. A Pandora Rose piece on your ring finger will make for an eye-catching, quirky finish. Be as experimental as you like — the trick is to discover what suits you best!

If you love stacking rings, why not try layering your necklaces too?

Make a statement

For a head-turning ring stack, go for a graphic look based around our collection of wishbone rings. One of the most unique ring styles, this versatile design is great for stacking thanks to its shape.

Stick to sterling silver pieces for a uniform style and make sure to invert your wishbone rings for a striking geometric effect. Start with your ring finger and combine your inverted wishbone ring with a band ring for an abstract finish. To level up your look, pair two wishbone rings together on your middle finger with one inverted. Play around with what works for you — the aim is to do what feels right.

If you want to make things more interesting, add a statement ring to the mix. Combine your standout ring with a band design on your ring finger for a bold, beautiful result. If you feel like your look is a bit too on the glamorous side, tone it down by placing a knuckle ring on your middle finger to add a little edge.

Add a pop of colour

Layering beaded rings with colourful accents is a great way to subtly spice up your style. Add some drama to your stack by choosing a beaded ring to wear with a wishbone design on your ring finger. Consider this the beginning of your adventurous look that can be as party-ready as you want it to be!

When it comes to your middle finger, team two beaded styles together with different coloured stones for extra impact. Incorporate one of your treasured dangle rings for an element of contrast and added movement. To complete your look, place another beaded ring on your index finger for a multicoloured, meaningful stack.

When styling your other hand, let your personal style guide you. Mirror the same pattern for a symmetrical finish or experiment with different coloured stones and ring designs for an overall effect that’s as unique as you are. The key to building the perfect colourful ring stack is letting your personality shine through.