Unique factors

The unique factors of Pandora jewellery defines how our materials develop naturally over time, giving it a more unique look.


Pandora Moments, Pandora Reflexions and Pandora ME bracelets each have their own series of specially designed charms. You can style the different bracelets together (e.g. stacking and layering different collections together) but you aren't able to interchange charms due to their different designs and functionalities. Remember to match the right charm design to the right bracelet to prevent unnecessary damage and keep your jewellery under warranty.

Pandora Care Kit

Use the Pandora Care Kit to clean your Pandora jewellery. Care instructions are included in the kit but if in doubt, seek professional advice from your nearest Pandora store or a local jeweller prior to cleaning.


Pandora has a wide selection of bracelets and bangles that you can style with charms to express yourself and your style.

Pandora Moments bracelets can be filled entirely with charms, while we recommend only filling bangles halfway.

For Pandora Reflexions bracelets, you can clip on a maximum of seven charms. Leather bracelets can be styled with up to nine charms, and fabric cord bracelets can hold four charms.

The Pandora ME Link Bracelet and Necklace can be styled with a maximum of eight mini dangles on each of the three openable links.


Pandora O Pendant and Pandora O Carrier

Pandora O Pendant: The small O Pendant can carry up to three charms; the medium O Pendant up to five charms and the large O Pendant up to seven charms in total. Please note that a small selection of wide charms do not fit onto the small O Pendant. Be sure to thread on a necklace chain that can support the weight of the charms, ideally a cable chain necklace.

Pandora O Carrier: You can add up to seven charms to the Pandora O Carrier. When styled with a Pandora O Pendant, it holds a maximum of five charms. If worn around the neck, add it to a thick cable chain necklace. Both the Pandora O Pendant and the Pandora O Carrier are compatible with Pandora Moments charms.

Bracelet fit

Pandora Moments: A perfect fit for a charm bracelet or bangle is when there is no more than a thumb’s width of space between your wrist and the bracelet/bangle. Measure your wrist, then add 1-2 cm. Pandora Moments snake chain bracelets will stretch slightly over time as you add charms and increase the weight. We therefore recommend you start with a fairly snug fit.

Oxidised Pandora Reflexions Bracelet

To clean, run under tap water and dab dry with a paper towel. Clean the clasp with a Pandora polishing cloth, taking care to avoid rubbing the mesh of the bracelet as it may damage or remove the oxidised finish.

Pandora Reflexions

We recommend that you wear Pandora Reflexions bracelets closer to your wrist as the bracelet's compatible charms are flatter in shape and don’t take up as much space. A close fit will also stop the charms from flipping over. As Pandora Reflexions bracelets don’t stretch over time in the same way that Pandora Moments snake chain bracelets do, a perfect fit is considered to be half a finger to a finger’s width of space between your wrist and the bracelet. You can, of course, choose to wear your bracelet loose. The size recommendations for the Pandora Reflexions Multi Snake Chain Bracelet are the same as for the original Pandora Reflexions Mesh Bracelet.