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Our most loved ear stacks

Ready to become a stacking expert? No matter if you have a single piercing or multiple, personalize your style by mixing and matching your earrings. We’ve put together four style-savvy earring stacks to inspire you to level up your accessorising game. Our on-trend list includes pearl, hoop, chandelier and custom stacks. Keep reading to discover your favourite earring stacking style.


Step out in style

One of the most popular styles of the season, chandelier earrings draw attention to your face and add a touch of glamour to your overall look. Notorious for delivering high impact, they move seamlessly from the ballroom to the office. Pair with our herbarium-inspired earrings to really make a statement.


Update your hoop stack

A modern classic, hoop earrings are the perfect transitional piece from day to night. If you have multiple piercings, hoop earrings allow you to stack and style various combinations for maximum impact. Discover our selection of 14k gold-plated hoops to create an instantly iconic look.


Add a touch of charm to your earring stack