Anniversary gifts

Your anniversary is a chance to show your partner how much you care. Celebrate the occasion with a jewellery gift as lasting as your love.

Sterling silver
  • 290585CZ
    Sparkling Circle Stud Earrings Sterling silver
    Sparkling Circle Stud Earrings Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Circle Stud Earrings Gold plated
  • 797655
    Love You Heart Padlock Charm Sterling silver
    Love You Heart Padlock Charm Rose gold plated
  • 297822
  • 396240CZ
    Round Sparkle Halo Necklace Sterling silver
    Round Sparkle Halo Necklace Rose gold plated
    Round Sparkle Halo Necklace
  • 290591NBT
    Available in 2 colours
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